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Tom Goodhue

ESD 112 Construction Academy

2010 ESD 112 Construction Academy Program

Youth who were chosen for the construction academy went through weeks of in-depth training. The first week focused on safety, first aid / CPR, sexual harassment, personality types, learning styles, and team building. The following weeks included trainings hosted by both union and open shop apprenticeship training centers. The goal of the construction academy was to introduce students to construction-related careers through hands-on building and educational field trips.  Students who completed the summer better understood the relevancy of their academic subjects, such as math and science, to real-life construction and gained significant insight into the world of apprenticeship. The 2010 program focused heavily on green building practices and philosophies as they relate to construction careers. Students built and repaired a variety of structures for public services entities in Clark and Cowlitz Counties.

Youth earned wages and academic credit by successfully completing the program.

To be eligible to participate in the ESD 112 Construction Academy, students were:

  • Registered with the Workforce Investment Act funded Youth Workforce Program in SW Washington.
  • Attended the program job fair and chose a summer work experience in construction.
  • Completed pre-employment skills training in topics such as resume writing, applications, job searching, and interviewing skills.
  • Interviewed for a position.

Interested in the 2011 Summer Construction Academy?

Contact Ryan Blodgett, ESD112 Workforce Specialist, at 360.750.7500 for more information.

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