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Annual Report

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2008 Annual Report
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Probably no achievement will do more to address the workforce needs of the design-build industry than the ACE
Academy. It has been a magnificent partnership among OBC and four East Multnomah County school districts. It has
been strongly supported by members of the construction and engineering professions and with a $200,000 grant
from the Mt. Hood Cable Regulatory Commission. In addition to its career foci on the architecture, construction and
engineering professions, the school has adopted both a project-based curriculum approach and a credit-by-proficiency
evaluation of student performance. A senior class will be added in September 2009, more than doubling the number of

Based on feedback from faculty, administrators and students, the school is a success. Students find the project-based
curriculum more like real-world problem solving and the credit-by-proficiency forces them to achieve at levels often
more demanding than in traditional schooling. At the OBC Annual Banquet in October, Sue Shellenbarger from The Wall
Street Journal told the audience she had interviewed a group of ACE Academy students and told them she would be
addressing some of ACE’s partners. When asked what they would want her to tell these partners, students replied, “Tell
them we love them.”

- excerpt from Letter from the Executive Director, 2008 OBC Annual Report

Our Board of Directors has been generous with its time, money and effort to support OBCs mission “To partner with educators to increase the quality and diversity among applicants to the building industry.” Organizations and companies represented on the board have consistently stepped forward to partner with OBC staff in the development and implementation of its programs. Also, government agencies such as the Oregon Department of Transportation, the Bureau of Labor and Industries and the Oregon Occupational Safety and Health Administration have played vital roles in providing grants to make OBCs efforts possible. More than just an organization, OBC is a network of companies, organizations, schools, government agencies and associations that have a common interest in supporting young people in pursuing construction careers.

- excerpt from Letter from the Executive Director, 2007 OBC Annual Report



2006 Annual Report
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Our industry has prospered this past year and our remarkable partners, especially our Board of Directors and sponsors, have contributed so generously with their time, money and efforts to our programs.  We strove this past year to ensure the work now in planning stages, especially our efforts to build a Charter School around the themes of Architecture, Construction and Engineering, will bear fruit and set an example that can be applied all over the state of Oregon.

- excerpt from Letter from the Executive Director, 2007 OBC Annual Report


2005 Annual Report
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2005 marked another award-winning year for the Oregon Building Congress, which earned its second national award. This Workforce Development Award was granted by the Construction Users Roundtable in honor of OBC's summer Construction Academy programs.

This year's annual report captures the highlights of the programs we conducted this year, including our first-ever Green Building Workshop for Teachers. It is a testament to OBC's success that other states have begun replicating its programs, often with OBC's assistance.

We thank our members, member organizations, and sponsors for their staunch support of our work. Those of you reading about us for the first time will hopefully be encouraged to support our efforts in the coming years.

- excerpt from Letter from the Executive Director, 2005 OBC Annual Report

2004 Annual Report
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2003 Annual Report
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2002 Annual Report
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